We are pleased to welcome Marie-Eve Janvier within our family, as an official spokesperson. This is a first association for the brand and it is with a joyful excitement that this new collaboration begins.

In early 2016, our team worked very hard to develop the best natural products to support families and we wanted to develop a more privileged relationship with our consumers, a link that would discover the brand in a more experiential day. The idea to join an inspiring spokesperson, living the joy of a healthy pregnancy, then emerged.

Marie-Eve Janvier embodies for us the image of the blown mom and authentic. It was important for ADORABLE, being contiguous to an ambassador in which mothers identify. The choice of Marie-Eve was a natural; we have not even looked at the other options.

Combining brilliantly his recent role as mother to her very full agenda artist, ADORABLE the new ambassador has also launched body and soul into the adventure. Rigorous, she studied in depth the brand before agreeing to join. "Historically, I am inclined towards natural products. For me it is an obvious alternative before trying any other form of care, shows Marie-Ève ​​Janvier. When the conversation was initiated with Adorable, I immediately knew that there were similarities between the team and I, we shared values ​​and basic principles vis-à- vis the overall health. "

To learn more about this partnership Adorable completely view our web capsule in which Marie-Eve Janvier talks about his new mom experience.